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these bands are God-send! they are made of such good quality, dry easily after each use, provide the adequate weight for training and are aesthetically pleasing. i always try to incorporate these bands (and even their sweathooks!) into my strength training workouts and will recommend these to anyone!



these bands are my go-to whenever I'm craving for a good burn session! they can be really challenging but that sense of accomplishment after the workouts is indescribable. highly recommend the sweatbands trust me they don't disappoint!



super high quality and I love the fact that the bands are not rubber. these bands do not slide up your legs easily when performing squats which is an absolute plus!! furthermore the colour of the bands are stunning! definitely recommend if you're trying to find a good quality resistance band that isn't that expensive! there are many of resistance to choose from so it'll work for anyone with any form of exercises!



i think the sweatbands are great, it grips nicely, it doesn’t get tangled like the rubber ones when i work out. it doesnt lose its tension as well. theres also a lot of ways you could use the bands, so this was particularly helpful during the MCO while gyms were still closed. we just had to be creative with our home workouts! definitely would recommend it