#LetsGetTogether & Fight COVID-19

#LetsGetTogether & Fight COVID-19

Hey guys,

Its Janine and Wen Li, checking in on how everyone is doing over the past month!

In the past few weeks, we have been searching for ways to help our frontliners and fellow Malaysians. We've personally contributed to as many charities and associations as we can but we want to make a bigger impact to the community.

After a long while, we finally put the pieces together on how we can do so. 

We realised that we have a huge demand for more resistance bands but we unfortunately sold out in the early days of the MCO. Now to take you guys back a couple of months, we used to have a Light Grey SWEATHOOK in our collection which we discontinued from sales.

Reason being that the aesthetic quality of these bands were not quite on par with our own company's standards. However, functionally, they do their job perfectly fine. In fact, we use the Light Grey SWEATHOOKS every week at our Box & Band classes, community classes and even our SWEAT TURNS 1 event. 

Bottom line is that they function perfectly!

We have made the decision to donate 70% of our Light Grey proceeds to charities and associations in need. 

Please feel free to email us at thesweatco.fit@gmail about any charities or associations we should be supporting. If you do want to help raise funds, these bands will be on sale starting today, click here to find out more. 

Below are a list of charities and associations who we will be supporting (we will be updating this list in the coming days):


The Star Foundation
Through The Star Foundation, Star Media Group had pledged RM1mil to kick-start the fund and help them get essential medical supplies and equipment. 

Find out more about the fund here


Ericsen Foundation
The Ericsen Foundation aims to raise RM500,000 in its first tranche. Using their current contacts of medical-grade equipment, they will purchase items as necessary for frontliners.

The ventilators, protective equipment and other gear will be distributed to hospitals across Malaysia. Lab supplies will go towards the set-up of COVID-19 detection testing labs in universities etc.

Find out more about them here.  


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