SWEATHOOKS, what are they?

SWEATHOOKS, what are they?

A cousin to our SWEATBANDS, meet out latest and more versatile training tool! Our SWEATHOOKS are made specifically to complement your upper body workout and leg day activations.

So what are SWEATHOOKS? They are premium fabric elastic resistance bands with loops on both ends. Made from stretchable and elastic fabric. Can be looped around your wrists or ankles!

What is the resistance likeOur SWEATHOOK collection consists of LIGHT GREY and HEAVY BLACK. Respectively, their resistances are Light and Heavy. 



What about maintenance? The logo is also made of rubber so we'd highly recommend you to hand wash them. 

What can I use them for? If it is your first time using a SWEATHOOK, it is recommended for you to use the LIGHT GREY first before going for a heavier resistance with HEAVY BLACK. Especially so with any upper body activations or workouts (i.e. overhead presses, back pulls etc). With lower body movements, for ease of application, do remove your shoes beforehand! 



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