SWEATBANDS, what are they?

SWEATBANDS, what are they?

We're all pretty familiar with resistance bands. You've probably used it for an activation drill or during a strength training workout. Either way, resistance bands have become a household name over the years.

So what are SWEATBANDS? They are premium fabric elastic resistance bands. Made from thick, stretchable and elastic fabric. The SWEATBANDS bring durability to a whole different level. 

What is the resistance likeOur SWEATBAND collection consists of MUSTARD and HEAVY METAL. Respectively, their resistances are Medium-Heavy and Heavy. As they are made from thick fabric, the resistance level is significantly higher than non-fabric bands. 

What about maintenance? Extremely low maintenance! The logo is also made of fabric so you can pop them into the washing machine or hand wash (which we highly recommend) them. They also don't run the risk of tearing easily or getting damaged under direct heat. 

What can I use them for?  Understanding what you want to achieve using the SWEATBANDS is a first step. Rehabilitation of a bad joint? Activating a particular muscle group pre-workout? Increasing the intensity of a squat or lunge? The SWEATBAND is extremely versatile and can be used for anything that is within your needs and wants. 

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