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purple, blue & white bundle

purple, blue & white bundle

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bundle comes with:

  • 1x purple, blue & white signature beaded sweatrope
  • 1x purple, blue & white pvc sweatrope

signature beaded sweatrope details:

  • suitable for all levels (but particularly great for beginners)
  • 10 foot cord, one size fits all (will fit anybody up to 6' 6" tall)
  • great for first time jumpers, releases & learning tricks.
  • the beads add weight to the sweatrope & that gives you a better sense & control of the rope around your body which is a key component for beginners to learn correct form.
  • beaded sweatropes hold their shape better in the air with greater ease which makes it better to learn complex releases & tricks.
  • tricks like releases or handle catches can be better executed with the feedback that the beaded sweatropes give.

 signature beaded sweatrope - one year guarantee:

  • only beaded sweatropes products & variations are covered by a one year guarantee.
  • our ropes are made by one of the world's leading jump rope makers & so we are confident we're bringing you nothing but the best we can offer. 
  • we stand firmly by the quality of the beads & handles used & are happy to have this guarantee in place.
  • for full information on this guarantee, please read it here.

 white pvc sweatrope details:

  • suitable for all levels
  • 10 foot cord, one size fits all (will fit anybody up to 6' 6" tall)
  • pvc sweatropes cuts faster through air as its lightweight
  • excellent rope for double unders, footwork & general fitness
  • pvc sweatropes still offer good feedback & can be used by all levels
  • snap lock enables easy lengthening or shortening of the sweatrope


for more information including care tips on all sweatropes, click here.

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